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About Us

Sanger High School

Our Mission

The Sanger High Volleyball staff strives to create a positive atmosphere where student-athletes can grow and develop into the best volleyball player they can be while also developing character, integrity, and good sportsmanship.  Among that, our overall goal is for athletes to develop skills they can use beyond the sport of volleyball.  This includes developing a work ethic in our athletes BEYOND their comfort zone, being fully committed to the team, and leaving selfishness for the good of the team.  Working as a team is not always easy, we want our athletes to learn how to deal with adversity while working toward a common goal and to strive to compete at a higher level with integrity and confidence.  

Our Foundations:

The Sanger Girls Volleyball Program centers itself around the following principles:

1. Team Energy and Cohesion
    -Everybody has a role, is important, and significant to our team/program

2. Having a winning attitude, even in losing situations.
    -Always pursue winning.  Never pout, sulk, or hang your head after a mistake or loss.  Mistakes and losses are LEARNING experiences.

3. Master the Basics.
    -Building sound volleyball skills at every level.

4. Never give up-FINISH every play.

5. Control the things you can.
    -YOUR attitude.
    -YOUR effort.

Sanger Volleyball Academy

We exists to provide girls who like to play volleyball with the opportunity to do so in a structured yet fun environment.  We are excited to give every girl the opportunity to improve their skills either out of love for the game or a desire to play at the next level, or both!  Our focus will be on training each individual player to reach her potential.  Player’s knowledge of the game will grow while they improve their ball handling skills.

SVA is very conscious of how much it costs to play club volleyball and will work hard to keep prices reasonable.  We are confident that the club volleyball experience will be something your daughter will look back on with fond memories for many years to come.